Current Group Members:

  1. Ph.D. student: Haohong Song joined on 9/14/2020; B.S., USTC. In-person at UCR, 8/30/2021. MS in MSE, UCR; 6/2022. Vanderbilt iMS PhD program, since 8/17/2022.
  2. Ph.D. student: Yujing Tong joined on 1/4/2021; B.S., USTC. In-person at UCR, 9/3/2021. MS in Chemistry, UCR, 6/2022. Vanderbilt Chem. Eng. PhD program, since 8/17/2022.
  3. Ph.D. student Shicheng Li joined on 9/20/2021; B.S., Zhejiang University. Vanderbilt Chem. Eng. PhD program, since 8/17/2022.
  4. Ph.D. student Qiuyao Li joined on 3/28/2022; B.S., Sichuan University; M.S., USTC. Vanderbilt iMS PhD program, since 8/17/2022.
  5. Research Assistant Professor Bo Li joined on 1/2023; PhD, Technical University of Munich.
  6. Research Assistant Professor Hongjun Liu joined on 1/17/2023; PhD, Columbia Univ.
  7. Undergraduate student Yiming Chen joined on 8/3/2023
  8. ChE Ph.D. student Yinan Yang joined on 11/3/2023
  9. ChE Ph.D. student Jinyi Zhang joined on 11/3/2023
  10. ChE Ph.D. student Shuai Yuan joined on 11/3/2023
  11. ChE Ph.D. student Anton Pozdeev joined on 1/3/2024; B.S., Moscow State University.
  12. iMS Ph.D. student Vikash Khokhar joined on 1/29/2024.
  13. Dr. Rongrong Yin joined on 3/4/2024 as a postdoc. Ph.D., USTC.
  14. Dr. Xiaolin Liu joined on 7/1/2024 as a postdoc. Ph.D., University of Washington.
Haohong Song
Yujing Tong
Shicheng Li
Qiuyao Li
Dr. Bo Li
Dr. Hongjun Liu
Yiming Chen
Yinan Yang
Jinyi Zhang
Shuai Yuan
Anton Pozdeev
Vikash Khokhar
Dr. Rongrong Yin
Dr. Xiaolin Liu

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June 2023, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

June 2024, Ocoee River rafting, Ducktown, TN

Past Group Memebers

Group alumni at Vanderbilt

❖ Liam Chapman: 5/28/2024 - 7/3/2024; high-school intern, RHESS program; Hillsboro High School, Nashville, TN.

Dr. Ming Lei: Postdoc, 8/15/2022 - 6/28/2024; PhD, UC Riverside. Now postdoc at MIT.

❖  Dr. Adrian Dominguez-Castro: Postdoc, 2/3/2023 - 1/9/2024; PhD, University of Bremen, Germany.

❖ Mina Singh: MS in ChE, 9/1/2022 - 12/26/2023; B.S., Tulane University. Now in industry.

❖ Connor Lane: 5/28/2023 - 7/3/2023; high-school intern, RHESS program; Hillsboro High School, Nashville, TN.

 Dr. Wei Zhao: Postdoc, 9/3/2022 - 12/2/2022 for a short-term, three-month appointment; PhD, Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology.

Group alumni at UCR

❖ Chuanye Xiong: PhD graduate in Chemical Engineering, 9/12/2019-6/14/2024; B.S. and M.S., Tianjin Univ. Now postdoc at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX.

Fuqing Fu, PhD graduate in Chemistry, 9/10/2019-6/14/2024; co-advised with Prof. Juchen Guo. B.S.: Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology. Now postdoc at UCR.

Hyuna Kwon: PhD graduate, 6/18/2021 - 3/25/2023; co-advised with Prof. Bryan Wong; B.S., Seoul National University. Now Postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Livermore, CA.

Tongyu Liu: Ph.D. graduate, 7/1/2019 - 1/8/2023; B.S., Univ. of Sci. Tech. China (USTC); M.S., Georgia State Univ. Now Boya Postdoc Fellow at Peking University, Beijing, China.

Dr. Lu Wang: Postdoc, 10/1/2021 - 9/30/2022; Ph.D., China University of Petroleum.

❖ Dr. Dhileep Reddy: Postdoc, 3/29/2021-6/25/2022. Ph.D., IIT Hyderabad. Now Postdoc at University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

Kristen Wang: Ph.D. graduate, 8/7/2018 - 6/10/2022; B.S., University of California, San Diego. Now postdoc at San Diego State University.

Krystal Adan, undergraduate Honors’ student, Capstone project and senior research, Fall 2020 - Winter 2022.

Dr. Tao Wu: Postdoc, May 1, 2020 - Nov. 25, 2021; Ph.D., Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Now, a faculty member in Dalian Institute of Technology, Dalian, China.

Yangyunli Sun: Ph.D. graduate, 9/11/2017 - 8/2/2021; B.S., BeiHang University; M.S., USTC. Now, working in a company in Shanghai, China.

Dr. Shaoqi Zhan: Postdoc, 2/27/2020 - 2/12/2021; Ph.D., KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Now, a postdoc at University of Oxford, Oxford, England.

Jiali Yang: visiting student, 9/9/2019 - 9/20/2020, from Chongqing Univ.

Lihua (Libby) Xu: Ph.D. graduate, 10/10/2018 - 7/31/2020; Interim Postdoc, 8/3/2020 - 9/4/2020. B.S., Beijing Univ. of Chemical Tech.; M.S., Univ. of Akron. Now, Senior Engineer, Samsung, San Jose, CA.

Nicole Onishi Feider: MS graduate, 11/20/2017 - 8/31/2020, and Spring 2021; B.S., Western Washington University. Now, Tenure Track Chemisry Instructor, Green River College, Auburn, WA.

Dr. Weiqiang Lv: Visiting scholar from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Chengdu),1/6/2020 - 8/20/2020.

Dr. Xianglan Xu: Visiting scholar from Nanchang Univ, 9/6/2019 - 8/16/2020.

Song Wang: Ph.D. graduate; 9/6/2016 - 7/31/2020; B.S., USTC. Now, Associate Staff Scientist, USTC, Hefei, China.

Dr. Xiang He: Visiting scholar from Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4/24/2019 - 6/25/2020.

Izabel Lopez: undergraduate researcher (senior research), Jan. - June 2020. Now, Quality Control Chemist, Nora Pharma, Riverside, CA.

Dr. Bo Li: Postdoc, 11/02/2016-1/24/2020; Ph.D., Technical University of Munich; B.S., Peking Univ. Now, Research Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Meena Singh: Postdoc, 1/23/2019 - 1/22/2020; Ph.D., Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India.

Qiang Wan: Visiting student, 12/3/2018 - 11/30/2019; Ph.D. student at Fuzhou Univ.

Peng Chi: Undergraduate summer intern from USTC, 7/1/2019-9/12/2019.

Victor Fung: Ph.D. graduate, 7/10/2015 - 5/10/2019; B.S., Cornell University. Now, Assistant Professor, School of Computational Science and Engineering, Georgia Instittue of Technology.

Yijing Gao: Visiting Ph.D. student from Zhejiang University of Tech; 11/2/2018-5/3/2019. Now, Lecturer in Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, Zhejiang.

Dr. Rui Li: Visiting professor from Liaocheng University, 2/26/2018-2/25/2019.

Rui Xie: Graduate student, 9/12/2017 - 1/23/2019; B.S., Nankai Univ.

Cheng Zhan: Ph.D. graduate, 9/8/2014 - 6/30/2018; assistant project scientist, 7/1/2018-9/30/2018; B.S., University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Now, a faculty member at Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, China.

Chad Priest: Ph.D. graduate: 9/2/2014 - 6/30/2018; assistant project scientist, 7/1/2018-9/30/2018; B.S., University of California, San Diego. Now, a postdoc at UCSD, La Jolla, CA.

Shaoze Zhang: Visiting Ph.D. Student from East China University of Science and Technology, 9/28/2017-9/27/2018. Now, a faculty member in Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, China.

Taoyi Kong: Undergraduate student intern, from USTC, 7/2/2018 - 9/10/2018.

Dr. Runhong Huang: Assistant Project Scientist, 3/1/2017 - 8/10/2018; Ph.D., Monash University. Now, Quantitative Engineer at Goldman Sachs, New York, NY.

Dr. Huilong Dong: Visiting scholar from Soochow University, 5/5/2017 - 7/5/2018. Now, associate professor in Changshu Institute of Technology, Jiangsu.

Guoxiang Hu: Ph.D. graduate, 1/18/2016 - 6/1/2018; B.S., USTC. Now, assistant professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Altanta, GA. (website)

Cai Ning: Visiting student from Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, 10/6/2017-4/6/2018.

Prof. Lei Zhu: Sabbatical faculty from Florida State University, 9/14/2017-12/14/2017.

Dr. Ziqi Tian: Postdoc, 09/29/2014 - 09/29/2017; Ph.D., Nanjing University. Now staff scientist, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (website).

Yadong Zhang: visiting student from Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, 9/26/2016-9/27/2017.

Dr. Qing Tang: Postdoc, 14 July 2014 - 22 July 2017; Ph.D., Nankai University. Now tenure-track faculty, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chongqing Univ., China (website).

Jingwei Zhou: Visiting student from Sun Yat-Sen University, 12/2015 - 11/2016. Now in private industry.

Weihong Wu: visiting student from East China University of Science and Technology, 9/30/2015-9/30/2016. Now in private industry.

Mark Micklich: joint student (major professor, Ludwig Bartels), in UCR MSE program, 9/2015 - 9/2016.

Watit Sontising: graduate student, 5/2015-11/2015.

Dr. Runhai Ouyang: Postdoc, 2014-2015. Faculty, the Material Genome Institute, Shanghai University.

Yanlin (Christopher) Song: Undergraduate student, UCR Chemical Engineering Sophomore, Fall 2015-Winter 2016.

Wilberth Narvaez: Undergraduate student from Cal. State Long Beach, NSF MacREU summer research, 6/15/2015 - 8/21/2015.

Zhongxuan Zhang: Undergraduate student, UCR Junior, CNAS, Winter 2015 - Spring 2015.

Group alumini at ORNL:

Prof. Craig Teague, ORISE Visiting Faculty (summer 2014) and sabbatical research (2009-2010), from Cornell College, Iowa.

Ms. Ping Wu, visiting student (12/2012-06/2013), from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC); now a postdoc at USTC.

Dr. Hongjun Liu, postdoc (2012-2014), now working at University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Dr. Song-Hai Chai, postdoc (2010-2012), now working at Nanotek Instruments, Inc., Dayton, Ohio.

Dr. Nan Shao, postdoc (2011-2012), now working at University of Nebraska, Omaha.

Dr. Ravichandar Babarao, postdoc (2010-2012), now Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University, Australia.

Melissa Golden, HBCU/MEI faculty awardee (summer 2011), from California State University, Fresno

Fengyu Li, visiting student (summer 2010), from University of Puerto Rico (UPR); now a professor at Inner Mongolia University.

Group photos