★ Google Group: “Monolayer Protected Clusters and Nanoparticles

   ★ Dr. Jiang created this group on 22 August 2014 to facilitate communication among the research community of monolayer-protected clusters and nanoparticles.

   ★ There are about 70 members as of 3 March 2018.

   ★ To join, please send an email to deen.jiang at or click the link above.

★ Web of Science via Vandy Library

★ Vanderbilt University Library

★ Open Quantum Materials Database from Chris Wolverton’s group

★ The Materials Project

★ Cambridge Cluster Database

★ Online Structure File Converter

★ Nomad Repository

  ★ Open-access materials database for total-energy calculations

 Postdoc position listings

  ★ Psi-k network:

  ★ Computational Chemistry List:

★ Career advice

  ★ How Silicon Valley design principles can help you pick your post-Ph.D. path”: Katie Langin, Jul. 10, 2018, on Science Careers.

  ★ “ Tomorrow's Professor: Preparing for Careers in Science and Engineering” by Richard Reis, IEEE Press, 1997. (amazon)